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Accuracy is a must, when building a putter

Spin milling on the face gives masses of spin,with such a soft feel from the 1020 carbon steel.

The loft angle varies player to player


The correct length and lie angle will dictate your posture.

The majority of golfers putters are too long for them,resulting in poor posture and poor eye line. If your putters too long you can either stand too upright and close to the ball trying to get you eye over the ball, or you can be too far away from the ball with your eyes no where near over the ball.

If I asked you to aim a rifle you'd look down the barrel,not look to the side, the same principles apply to putting the closer your eyes over the ball at address the more you will look down the line of the shot. If your eyes are not over the ball target line then you are looking at a converging pair of lines -not good!                                   

How much loft?

Not all putters are made the same

Modern golf greens are faster now than years ago, hence the ball rolls faster,and the stroke has changed. Putters do need loft to lift the ball initially then the key is forward roll, with the least amount of skid possible. The loft you need depends upon your stroke, the shaft lean, ball position, hand action, the only way to get this right is a fitting.

If you have the wrong loft you will suffer from poor distance control, lip outs and puts jumping off line easily.

Grip size?

Just like your irons the putter grip should match your hands.

Once we know the putter length, loft and lie angle, we talk about the grip, it MUST be the correct size, no questions.

Get all the elements correct and you'll see amazing results.


Putters custom fitted to you.

The most used club in your bag should be your best friend….

We many years experience altering and building putters for players of all levels, the FIRST area you should focus upon when looking to lower your scores is putting,on average it represent 43% a round of golf. Small changes to your putter can produce large improvements.

During a fitting we will examine your stroke to first determine the TYPE of putter you need, the three types are Face balanced, ½ Toe hang, and full toe hang.

If you have the wrong type it will fight your natural stroke; often causing:

Your own putter or a new putter should be altered to suit you, the cost is small but the results worth lots.

Computer aided putter diagnostic, want to know the best putter for you..............


The correct type of putter is crucial, it must be compatible with your stroke

Most golfers have more than one putter, often buying new putters in moments of frustration, unfortunately they are wasting their money, the new putter may work for a while then go off and your back to square one. Its like a dog chasing its tail.

If you suffer with misses to the left or right, or distance control, its very easily resolved during a fitting ill explain which type of putter you need, the technology I use will even show you the improvements as we go along. You may already have the correct type of putter but its the wrong loft, lie angle, length, grip size, weight all of which can easily be corrected.

At the end of a fitting ill email you the results, even compare your numbers with the tour players.!

A putter fitting will produce instant results, just look at the results of previous customers -

Shrewsbury Golf Club member - 2 days after seeing Gary I won my Division medal, plus a 1.2 stroke handicap reduction, the winnings more than paid for the fitting.

+2 handicap Golfer - I was struggling with my putting after seeing Gary, I played my first 4 round event and putted AMAZING, got a 0.6 handicap reduction, worth every penny.

Hawkstone Golf Club member - My putting was dreadful for a 13 handicap golfer, way too many 3 putts, Gary sorted me out, 4 days later I shot 6 under my handicap, a nice 2 stroke handicap reduction; best £30.00 I've ever spent on Golf.