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If you only ever have one hand built club make it a putter, you'll use it the most and smile every time….

Custom putters are available to suit all budgets, all age groups, all handicaps,and make a lovely gift, something the user will treasure for years to come.

The 3 types of putter

There are 3 types of putter the face balanced (left image) full toe hang, 1/2 toe hang. They are designed to suit different putting strokes, A custom putter fitting will determine the correct type, then the length, loft, lie angle, and grip size will be measured for the perfect result.

Face balanced

Full toe hang

Know your MOI from your heel toe…

Modern putters come in all shapes and sizes, you'll notice some that have screw in weights, wide body's, some with face inserts, machined faces, some light some heavy.

Each feature has a purpose, the key is which features do you need? Well that's the purpose of a fitting, all will be explained, well even discuss the type of greens you play to ensure the best results.

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½ Toe hang

On average Putting represents 43% of a round, a fitting session will take about 1 hour by the end of session you’ll have improved.

Every putter is hand built to your exact requirements, correct length, loft, lie angle, weight, grip size; after all its your MOST used club!

A putter fitting will produce instant results, just look at the results of previous customers -

Shrewsbury Golf Club member - 2 days after seeing Gary I won my Division medal, plus a 1.2 stroke handicap reduction, the winnings more than paid for the fitting.

+2 handicap Golfer - I was struggling with my putting after seeing Gary, I played my first 4 round event and putted AMAZING, got a 0.6 handicap reduction, worth every penny.

Hawkstone Golf Club member - My putting was dreadful for a 13 handicap golfer, way too many 3 putts, Gary sorted me out, 4 days later I shot 6 under my handicap, a nice 2 stroke handicap reduction; best £30.00 I've ever spent on Golf.

17 Handicap golfer - Since seeing Gary for my putting, I've finished 2nd and 3rd, I'm now leading my clubs order of merit, shot below my age 77, and dropped my handicap 2½  shots, all within 2 weeks. Gold dust that's what I think Gary offers, wish Id visited him before.

Wallasey Golf Club member - I needed a routine that was reliable, plus assurance the putter was correct for me, Gary gave me all I asked for now my handicaps dropped 2 shots, MAGIC!

34 Handicap Lady golfer - My husband first visited Gary then came home and told me to go. My putting has always been poor, I struggled to get the distance putts often going too far, or way short!!!!. After 1 hour with Gary I was amazed, we worked on my technique and routine, I was able to hit 40 foot putts straight into the hole. I urge anyone who suffers with their putting see Gary, he will sort you out, plus you’ll see instant improvements.

Balance the Golf Ball…………………

Just in the easiest and most accurate way to balance your golf balls ensuring you MORE DISTANCE, MORE ACCURACY and LESS PUTTS, be quick as they are limited stock

All golf balls are out of balance, when spinning in the air or rolling on the ground the heaviest side of the ball will move its axis causing the ball to deviate,

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