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Below are details of 2 very popular driver models, the C830.2 has a history winning the Re-max long drive competitions, its ideal if you’re after a lower ball flight, being 460cc but looks more like a 400cc from the top side.

The RX Launch is ideal for high and mid handicap players, utilising the latest deep cog design it produces a high launching shot. Very forgiving on off centre hits. Its also available in an anti-slice version for extra help.

We offer over 30 different driver models, please email for any assistance.


Launch it Straighter, Launch it Farther.

The Response Offset series exemplifies the simplicity of performance-based engineering. The swing path is the main contributor of the slice. But if you look closer, it’s caused by the tangential force applied to the ball producing the clockwise spin. If you have a slice that starts out going right, then the club face may also be open (instead of square) at impact. This creates a launch angle pointing right from the very beginning.

The three main elements of your drive affect the

final ball placement  Launch angle, spin, and

initial velocity. An Offset Golf Driver can greatly

assist in improving the first two. And it can even

improve your ball speed.The 4mm offset of the

Response driver “resets” your ball path in the

case of an outside to inside swing path, effectively

launching it straight towards the target. Instead of

launching with a clockwise spin and towards the

right of the target, the impact happens closer to

the center of the clubface with less spin and a

straighter trajectory.

Because the drive is launched straight

with less sidespin, less energy is

dissipated at impact.  This “extra”

energy is transferred from the

Response Offset head to the ball

making your drive not only straighter

but longer.



C830.2 Plasma

Looking for Distance? Here it is.

The unrelenting C830.2 Plasma driver is what driving is all about. Whether you're looking to out-drive your weekend buddies, or you're out to dominate on the World Long Drive circuit. There's no driver out there that's more forgiving and straight than the C830.2.

A super deep face and minimal distance to the hosel (from the COG point) fights the downswing force that typically causes pre-impact face angle distortion. This deep face coupled with Variable Face Thickness technology gives you the benefit of a super large sweet spot. The result is maximum horizontal energy transfer towards your target. In other words: Long, long, and longer.

Player Profile: High to Low handicappers


   2-piece SP700 Titanium

   Black gloss body

   Brushed metal coated face

   .335 hosel diameter

   Variable Face Thickness

Lofts  6°  7.5°  8.5°  9.5°  10.5°  12°

In 2008 many drivers were made illegal due to them exceeding the COR maximum, all our drivers are legal, they conform to the maximum size of 460cc, and maximum dimensions of 125mm x 125mm.

To hit long drives you need…….

The correctly matched blend of -

Ball speed is dependant upon how fast you swing the golf club and how well you find the middle of the club face.

During a fitting sessions we will be able to tell you your ‘SMASH FACTOR’,in many ways smash factor is like an efficiency rating. Its the result of how well you've found the middle of the club, which in turn relates to the repeatability of the players swing, the forgiveness of the driver head, and the synergy of the club to you. IE the weight,flex,bend profile of the shaft, PLUS the shafts spine location.

The service you can now receive has been available to touring pros for years.

Drive With Power

You're ready - for unleashing maximum power, for gaining unparalleled control, and for the next level in driving technology. The V5 LX requires more accuracy with each shot but will reward with blistering ball speed. The difference is in the "Variable Crown Thickness" technology and design. Reinforcements are added right where deformation usually happens - along the top edge of the face with the rest of the body. Here's where your Smash Factor will be maximized and you'll feel every ounce of energy go straight into driving the ball to your target.


Remember the best driver head in the world is only going to perform if you have a correctly chosen and fitted shaft, get the cocktail right and see more fairways hit.

The SIT-460 (SIT stands for Strong & Ideal Trajectory) has an all-titanium head with a volume of 460 cubic centimeters, the maximum size allowed by the Rules of Golf. But patient and careful shaping by Shinei Miura, son of company founder and legendary club maker Katsuhiro Miura, has yielded a head that offers the golfer a much more compact look at address than other 460 cc drivers.

       One of the ways Shinei accomplished this was to make the face of the driver taller than in other models. This not only makes more vertical space for overall volume, but also increases the effective hitting area. The large face has visual benefits too: a golfer seeing the tall SIT-460 face behind the ball gets the feeling of confidence that he will definitely strike the ball solidly in the back. This design principle came from the success Miura had in 2011 with the new MG Hybrids, whose club faces are about as tall as the golf ball. That gives a good sense of "ball coverage" for the coming hit.

       The sole of the SIT-460 has been shaped in two subtle tiers that both distributes weight effectively and assure that the club sits squarely behind the ball at address.

Miura SIT460 - For the player who demands the best.

Recent customer feedback -

AUGUST 2013 - My teaching pro introduced me to Gary for a driver fitting, I’m VERY pleased to say that the custom built driver has added 30 yards more distance, YES I said 30 Yards, I cant believe it; as a senior golfer I've been getting shorter off the tee not longer. WOW that's all I say. OH, I've also lost my slice. Ill be seeing Gary about some Rescue clubs next.

Peter Wood, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.

SEPTEMBER 2013 - Occasionally you come across a business that deliver on their promises, well  I can assure you Gary does just that. Its so nice to meet a guy who is honest, professional and very knowledgeable. (No wonder he's written technical features for magazines!) Don't be tempted by the big retail stores, they cant offer you what Gary can. I've certainly seen amazing results from my new woods, at last I've found the right clubs for me, now I can concentrate on playing. Thanks Gary.

Stephen Williams, North Wales.

OCTOBER 2013 - WOW….. Those were not my first words but the words of my playing partners, I've never seen you hit your driver that well, the words of my regular playing partner; the truth I’d been to see Gary for a Driver fitting, he watched me hit shots with my own driver explained very clearly why my own club was not performing, then gave me alternative clubs to hit. The difference was obvious - straight away! THE BEST part was I only needed a new shaft, once it was fitted I hit more fairways off the tee than Id done in years, now I feel I swing as hard as I want NOT having to swing slower. Go see Gary its worth the time.

D. Reeves, Warrington.