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 Golf Club Repairs, Custom Clubs, 1 to 1 Fitting Sessions
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Shropshire, Cheshire, N. Wales, Flintshire
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Golf Club Repairs, Custom Built Golf Clubs and 1 to 1 Custom Fitting sessions.

Our goal is to raise the standards of service golfers receive, if your looking for HONESTY and RELIABILITY then you've come to the right place.

We all vary in size and strength, Your clubs need to match those variances, Book a fitting and get your clubs checked for suitability.



You want to stop that slice


You want to hit the ball higher and further.


You want to reduce the number of Putts per round.

The truth about Golf Shafts

its very true that the most important component in a golf club is the Shaft, it transfers your energy to the club head.

You would think then shafts are accurately made? That a R flex means a Regular flex?

The truth is - The golf Industry has no standards for flex, so one R flex shaft can be completely different to another R flex shaft, even from the same manufacturer……

All about shafts | What do you need?

DON'T rush out and buy new clubs...

During my many years as a Club Builder I've seen all the latest new wonder clubs, often marketed as Longer, Straighter, etc. Some of it maybe true BUT.........

The perfect club for you MAY WELL be the one you CURRENTLY OWN, it may just need some minor adjustments to grip size, length, weight, loft or lie,

REMEMBER Ill tell you the truth, even if you don't want to hear it


Balance the Golf Ball…………………

Just in the easiest and most accurate way to balance your golf balls ensuring you MORE DISTANCE, MORE ACCURACY and LESS PUTTS, be quick as they are limited stock

All golf balls are out of balance, when spinning in the air or rolling on the ground the heaviest side of the ball will move its axis causing the ball to deviate,

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Recent customer feedback -

2013 - I met Gary to have a look at my putter. I ended up with a putting fitting and he did not try to sell me a new putter at all! In half an hour he showed me what I was doing wrong, indicated that my putter was probably too long. The next day I shot my best round, 84, but remarkably had only 10 putts going out ( 15 coming back, but I was tired!). He is the real deal, the opposite of a salesman trying to drum up work. Trust him.

Peter Hehir - Northleach, Gloucestershire

2013 - I booked a driver fitting with Gary, expecting Id need a new driver, I actually only needed a new shaft. Gary watched me hit shots and explained the type of shaft I needed,he then gave me one to try, the difference was amazing, I have never hit the ball straight I've always had a slice to the right, NOT anymore! I'm hitting fairways and playing 2nd shots from part of my course I've never been before! The best £30.00 fitting I've ever spent, DON'T waste time and money buying clubs without being correctly advised.

Stephen Moore - Cheshire

2013 - ‘What a great set of Irons’, Gary has built me a set of Alpha forged irons, which I can confidently say are the best feeling, most accurate irons I've ever owned; which after 30 years playing golf I've had every big brand made. My old Mizuno irons cant hold a candle to these, plus I'm 12 yards longer per club! Win, Win……. Don't waste your time and money buying off the shelf I actual spent less than I would have for standard off the shelf clubs.

 David Thomas - North Wales

2014 - I visited Gary as I felt I was losing yards with my irons, always behind my playing partners. After 30 minutes of the fitting session Gary had identified I had the wrong shafts, he gave me his recommendation which felt so much better. Gary suggested I have just the 6 iron done so I could go to my club and try it out, WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! 25 more Yards, yes 25 Yards. I've now had them all done and going back with my driver.

 Chris Rogers - North Wales (6 Handicap)

2014 - HOLE IN ONE…………… 30 + years of playing golf and it took a visit to Gary before I got my first Hole in one. I’ve played a good standard golf for years, thinking my equipment was correctly set for me, yet I’ve felt my irons just didn't lie correctly. Fortunately another club member suggested I visit Gary, he checked and altered my lie angles while I waited (great to actually see the work being done!) Then within 2 weeks I had my first hole in one. The difference was obvious from the first shot. Im going back to let him look at my putting,

 John Beddows - Cheshire( 9 Handicap)

2015 - AT LAST!!!!…………… Ive never been able to get out of bunkers, they have been my nemesis for years. After seeing Gary and discussing in depth my needs he built be a brilliant wedge, now Ive managed to get out and close to the flag, at last I can try for the green instead of always laying up.

 P. Lewis - North Wales ( 17 Handicap)

All repairs and custom built work done by Gary Pickering, GCA Master Club the highest possible standards